Kashmir Sapphire Cushion Cuts, 6.80 ctw


Here's a parcel of superb natural Kashmir sapphires in both cushion and oval shapes, ranging from 0.61-1.59 carats. This selection of Kashmir sapphires has a lovely similar blue hue representative of sapphires from the legendary Burmese region, with noted color zoning on a few of the gems. The color is all natural, with no indications of heat treatment, making these Kashmir sapphires exceedingly rare. The collection would make a lovely bracelet, pair of earrings or any jewel requiring a consistent look in the stones.

These sapphires are certified as Kashmir sapphires with no heat treatment by the American Gemological Laboratories. AGL Report No. 8089614.

Discovered in the Himalaya Mountains of northwest India in 1881, the legendary Kashmir sapphires, with their extraordinary vivid blue color—often called “cornflower blue”—and velvety luster, are the most beautiful and treasured of all blue sapphires. Kashmir sapphires have a highly saturated and uniform color, along with a characteristic “silkiness” or glow, that make them a phenomenon of nature. With the original mines long depleted, Kashmir sapphires are a rare find and among the most prized of all gemstones today. To learn more about Kashmir sapphires, click here.

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