Sapphire Crowned Heart Georgian Engagement Ring

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For centuries, blue sapphires have been the stuff of folklore and fairytales, as well as a gemstone closely associated with royalty. How fitting, then, to see this regal Georgian “Love Ring” designed as a showpiece for a legendary natural Kashmir sapphire of indescribable beauty, unheated as certified by the American Gemological Laboratories. Atop the rare stone is a delicately made crown adorned with rose cut diamonds. Noteworthy black enamel detailing can be seen along the gold setting, from the halo bezel, to the shoulders, to under the gallery, where a surprise red enamel heart awaits the wearer.

Discovered in the Himalaya Mountains of northwest India in 1881, the legendary Kashmir sapphires, with their extraordinary vivid blue color—often called “cornflower blue”—and velvety luster, are the most beautiful and treasured of all blue sapphires. Kashmir sapphires have a highly saturated and uniform color, along with a characteristic “silkiness” or glow, that make them a phenomenon of nature. With the original mines long depleted, Kashmir sapphires are a rare find and among the most prized of all gemstones today. To learn more about Kashmir sapphires, click here.

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