Burma Ruby Round, 2.50 ct


Some say that if you watch the sunrise, considered a very sacred time, it allows you to connect to your higher purpose before the day gets started. Imagine the benefits of having this round Burmese ruby to gaze into throughout the day. It has a natural deep-red hue, often part of the color palette at daybreak, as well as evenly crafted crown facets that create a shimmering star on the gem’s table. Due to its ability to fluoresce, this Burmese ruby also comes “alive” when exposed to sunlight. A mate for this Burmese ruby exists and would make a stunning pair of earrings to accent your inner glow.

This ruby is certified as a Burmese ruby with no heat treatment by the Gemological Institute of America.

For centuries, the Mogok Stone Tract of Burma, otherwise known as modern-day Myanmar, has provided the world with its finest rubies. Burmese rubies are renowned for their clarity, silk inclusions that give them a soft glow, and, of course, their vibrant color—a combination of purplish-red body color and fiery red fluorescence, with the most coveted called “pigeon’s blood.” Today, with most of the alluvial deposits in the region depleted, Burmese rubies are among the most valuable and prestigious of all gemstones. To learn more about Burmese rubies, click here.

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