Antique Diamond Emerald Cut, 4.39 G SI2

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The iconic tagline “A diamond is forever” is most commonly associated with diamonds being a symbol of never-ending love. But it can also mean that diamonds, at more than a billion years old, are one of the closest things to “forever” that we can possess. Another meaning can be derived from the look of this antique diamond. It has an emerald cut, more rectangular than square, with step cut facets running parallel to the diamond’s sides. But it also has the higher crown and smaller table of the Asscher cut, with the look of concentric “squares” that seem to go on forever. Either way, this diamond has timeless appeal, worthy of being cherished for a lifetime.

This diamond is certified G color, SI2 clarity, by the Gemological Institute of America. GIA Report: 5212224461.

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