2 Spinels, Cushion Cut, 10.31 CT


Some scientists say humans are wired to gather around fires. That there’s a warmth, a protective light that we’re drawn to. One can feel the same way about these two captivating cushion-shaped spinels. Totaling 10.31 carats, these natural spinels mesmerize you with the look of a fire blazing within. This is due in part to the spinels’ spectacular orange color, vibrant in all directions, and their remarkable transparency, thanks to spinel being singly refractive like diamond. Their unique inclusions also play a part, resembling a fire’s embers. Imagine these spinels as the focal point of rings, or as a pair of earrings, or even designed together in a jewel. They would surely set any of them alight with their extraordinary qualities.

For hundreds of years, spinel was mistaken for other colored gems, most notably ruby. But today, this Cinderella stone, with its great brilliance, depth of beauty and array of spectacular colors such as “stoplight” red, cobalt blue, intense hot pink and vivid orange, is finally earning its rightful place in the world of gems. To learn more about spinel, click here.

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