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6.66-Carat Pear Shaped No Oil Colombian Emerald

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Unveil the purest expression of nature's splendor with this exquisite 6.66-carat Colombian No Oil Emerald. Its vivid green color is a vision of the lush heart of the rainforest, captured in a timeless pear shape that enhances the stone's natural allure.

This remarkable gemstone, boasting a tantalizing green hue, is reminiscent of the verdant valleys of Colombia, renowned for yielding the finest emeralds in the world. With a clarity that is clean to the eye, it presents a window into the soul of the earth, where beauty and rarity coalesce.

Accompanied by an AGL report number 1137053, this emerald's pedigree is undisputed. Its dimensions, 16.15 x 11.34 x 5.73 mm, declare its majestic presence, ensuring a commanding performance in any fine jewelry setting. The absence of clarity enhancements and no oil affirms its status as a genuine marvel, a testament to the miraculous forces of nature.

Crafted by time and earth, this Colombian emerald is a treasure poised to become the centerpiece of the most distinguished collections. Whether destined for a custom-designed pendant or a regal ring, this emerald is an emblem of luxury and the enduring appeal of natural gemstones.

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