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7.61 Carat No Heat Ceylon Sapphire in 18K Pink Gold Ring

SKU: 1809
Sale price$48,000.00

Delve into an oasis of grace with our 7.61-carat classic Asscher cut, no heat Ceylon Sapphire, now beautifully cradled in a size 6.25 gold ring with an open-back bezel setting, marrying the art of fine jewelry and the allure of pristine gemstones.

This sapphire, with its periwinkle whisper, recollects the gentle embrace of a tranquil ocean bay, caressed by the soft light of dawn, thereby weaving a tale of enchanting elegance and serene beauty. Not only a sight to behold, but this Ceylon Sapphire—renowned as the jewel of Sri Lanka—also unfolds a rich tapestry of history and legacy, historically believed to shield its wearer from danger and sprinkle trails of luck upon their path. Its presence in the British Crown Jewels, notably the St. Edward's Sapphire, speaks volumes about its revered stature in the realms of royalty and luxury.

Unaltered by heat treatments to enhance its color or clarity, this gemstone stands as a testament to natural beauty and exceptional craftsmanship, a rarity in contemporary gemology. This unadulterated quality elevates the 7.61 carat Asscher cut Ceylon Sapphire into a realm of exquisite and precious treasures, appealing to connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Now elegantly set within a meticulously handcrafted 18K pink gold ring, this sapphire doesn't just adorn but dazzles with its soft yet intense hue and impeccable clarity, whispering tales of distant shores and royal voyages. The size 6.25 ring, which can be adjusted as per requirement, becomes not just a piece of jewelry but a keeper of stories and a beacon of timeless style.

Concluding, this 7.61-carat Asscher cut no heat Ceylon Sapphire, nestled in a delicate gold setting, seamlessly blends timeless elegance, historical richness, and the enchanting aura of pristine natural beauty into a piece that transcends mere adornment, promising to bewitch and be cherished for generations to come.

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