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8.12-Carat H, SI1 Cushion Cut Diamond

SKU: 1877
Sale price$265,000.00

Presenting a truly majestic gemstone, an 8.12-carat Cushion Cut White Diamond, which embodies purity and radiates an elegant, brilliant light. This diamond, with its impeccable quality, measures an impressive 15.43 x 14.60 x 4.51 mm, commanding the eye and heart with its luminous presence.

The color grading of this diamond, classified as an 'H' by the authoritative Gemological Institute of America (GIA), indicates a fine white color that exudes a captivating charm. Its clarity, clean to the naked eye, further elevates its overall appeal, ensuring a stunning show of brilliance.

An exceptional feature of this diamond is its flat proportions which, in harmony with its cushion cut, give it a unique and distinguished character. The cushion cut is known for its classic, timeless beauty that has been adored for centuries, and this gem is a perfect exemplification of it.

The gemstone crystal quality is brilliant, providing a dazzling display of light and fire that makes this diamond truly spectacular. This sparkle, in tandem with the diamond's natural white color and clean clarity, ensures a stunning, radiant display.

Accompanying this gemstone is a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the most respected gemstone laboratories in the world. This certification attests to the quality, authenticity, and value of the diamond, making it not just a beautiful gem to admire but also a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, this 8.12-Carat Cushion Cut White Diamond is a breathtaking piece of natural artistry. Its brilliance, size, and quality make it a rare find, and its GIA certification guarantees its authenticity and value. Whether you're looking to add it to a precious jewelry piece or hold it as a valuable asset, this diamond is a true gem.

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