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9.10 CT Vivid Blue Burma Step Cut Sapphire

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Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with this magnificent 9.10-carat Burma Sapphire, a gemstone steeped in history and natural grandeur. This sapphire, hailing from the legendary mines of Burma, boasts a mesmerizing vivid blue hue that has captivated gem enthusiasts and royalty alike for centuries.

Exquisitely fashioned into an elongated step cut, this Burma Sapphire unfolds layers of a deep, satiny sheen, enhancing its majestic blue color. The step cut, renowned for its precision and parallel facets, not only elongates the gemstone's appearance but also magnificently showcases its cleanish clarity, offering a window into the gem’s enchanting depths.

Pridefully untouched by any heat treatment, this sapphire’s natural color and crystalline structure remain as nature intended. The absence of heat enhancement is a hallmark of rarity and value, placing this gemstone in a league of its own among collectors and sapphire connoisseurs.

More than a mere gemstone, this 9.10-carat Burma Sapphire is a symbol of the Earth's rich tapestry, meticulously cut to showcase its inherent beauty. Whether destined to be the centerpiece of a luxurious jewelry piece or preserved as a prized loose gem, it embodies the perfect union of nature's artistry and skilled craftsmanship.

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