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Antique-Cut 8.22 Carat Light Pink Pear-Shaped Topaz

SKU: 1961
Sale price$5,500.00

Unveiling a magnificent loose gemstone that epitomizes grace and beauty: an 8.22-carat Topaz, radiating a delicate light pink hue. Meticulously shaped into an elongated pear form, this gem is reminiscent of timeless elegance, further accentuated by its antique cutting technique.

Its natural clarity stands as a testament to its pristine quality, offering a crystal-clear canvas through which light refracts and reflects brilliantly. The gem's proportions, while elongated, perfectly complement its pear shape, ensuring maximum luminosity and scintillation.

Moreover, the brilliant crystal quality of this topaz adds depth and vivacity to its overall appearance, making it a radiant centerpiece for any jewelry creation. As a genuine representation of classical artistry, the antique cut further enhances the gem's vintage charm, making it a coveted piece for both collectors and jewelers.

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