Antique Natural 2.50-carat Alexandrite Ring

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At Jogani, we adore gemstones for their beautiful blend of colors and internal character, each one unique and an extraordinary manifestation of earth’s geological processes. Antique stones, in particular, catch our interest as we appreciate how they were fashioned to maximize light-play and charm. Each one has a story to tell, and we know that these treasures will flourish throughout time and therefore always be sought after.

As such, we actively and discerningly seek the rarest of diamonds, gemstones and antique jewelry, such as this special ring. It features a natural alexandrite, a rare color-changing variety of the mineral chrysoberyl, believed to be from Russia’s Ural Mountains, where the gemstone was first discovered in 1830. Those first alexandrites were of very fine quality, displaying vivid hues and dramatic color changes as can be seen with this stone. According to the American Gemological Laboratories, this alexandrite has a prominent to strong degree of color change with excellent to very good quality, from green-blue in daylight or fluorescent light, to purplish-pink in incandescent light, with no enhancement.

Its oval-shaped stone with a modified brilliant cut weighs 2.50 carats and measures 9.7 X 6.9 X 4.82 mm. It’s set in what we imagine is yellow gold, framed with old-cut diamonds, and further embellished with stones that have not been tested.

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