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Art Deco Cartier Diamond Platinum Clip Brooch

SKU: 1817
Sale price$145,000.00

This magnificent clip brooch, also called a dress clip, from venerable luxury jeweler Cartier, circa 1929, is an outstanding example of jewelry from the Art Deco period, when an emphasis on modernism and the machine age transitioned jewelry designs from the flowing lines of Art Nouveau to their rudimentary geometric essence.

New diamond shapes and cuts also emerged during this period as gem cutters learned how to better achieve brilliance from faceted gems, which were arranged in mosaic-like patterns according to the reflective qualities desired of the designs. The diamonds were often set in platinum, which, due to its great strength, required less metal to hold a gem securely, resulting in lighter, airier designs.

Here we see diamonds in a wide variety of geometric shapes set in a sleek, stylized platinum setting: The scroll top and border feature round diamonds and rectangular, baguette-cut diamonds, while a central fancy-shaped diamond totaling approximately 2.06 carats is surrounded by a half-moon-shaped diamond totaling approximately 0.85 carat and three bullet-shaped diamonds totaling approximately 1.88 carats.

The clip back, meanwhile, follows the outline of the brooch and is elaborately decorated with a pierced design. It holds to fabric with tension and small metal spikes.

The clip brooch is signed by Cartier, has distinguishable markings and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the brand. For more information about this special piece, please direct message us. 

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