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Art Deco Platinum Ring with Cherry-Red Burma Rubies & Diamonds

SKU: 1943
Sale price$8,500.00

Discover timeless luxury with our genuine Art Deco ring, exquisitely handcrafted in gleaming platinum. The centerpiece comprises three alluring cushion-shaped rubies, hailing directly from the revered mines of Burma. With an approximate weight of 2.25 carats, these gems radiate a vibrant cherry-red hue, symbolizing passion and romance. The rubies' satiny crystal quality and open facets enchantingly catch and play with light, revealing nature's unparalleled artistry.

Complementing the stunning rubies is a constellation of diamonds, totaling approximately 2.5 carats, that infuse the ring with added opulence. Beyond its gemological attributes, the genuine Art Deco design, renowned for its geometric motifs and luxurious flair, is evident in the intricate platinum setting and scalloped edges.

Practically tailored, this size 3.5 ring can be adjusted to fit its destined wearer perfectly, ensuring comfort alongside grandeur. In essence, this ring stands as an emblem of historical artistry, nature's wonders, and timeless elegance—a treasure truly befitting connoisseurs of fine jewelry.

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