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Burmese 2.98-Carat Ruby

SKU: 1925
Sale price$38,000.00

Introducing an exquisite 2.98-carat Burmese ruby, where nature's artistry meets gemological brilliance. Radiating a wine-kissed fuchsia hue, this captivating gem captures the essence of a lustrous sunset intertwined with the richness of a fine wine. Its mesmerizing color, reminiscent of delicate blossoms at the peak of bloom, is beautifully presented in an elegant oval shape that maximizes its vividness and shimmer.

The gem's exceptional clarity signifies its purity, offering an unblemished window into its profound depths. Each facet of this ruby reflects and refracts light in a brilliant dance, attesting to its superior crystal quality and craftsmanship in cutting.

Origins matter, and this ruby's birthplace – Burma – is synonymous with the world's most coveted and passionate red gemstones. Beyond its remarkable attributes, what sets this ruby apart is its "No Heat" classification. This means its intoxicating color is completely natural, unaided by any treatments—a rarity in today's market and a true testament to nature's unparalleled artistry.

Whether destined to become the centerpiece of an heirloom jewelry piece or to be cherished in a collection of the world's finest gems, this Burmese ruby is an embodiment of nature's most passionate color and crystalline perfection.

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