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Burmese Beauty: A 3.56-CT No Heat Spinel with Mesmerizing Cranberry-ish Radiance

SKU: 923
Sale price$9,500.00

From the mystical lands of Burma (Myanmar) comes a precious gemstone that is a rare and exquisite treasure - a 3.56 carat Step Cut No Heat Burma Spinel, with a breathtaking brownish orange-red color that radiates a mesmerizing cranberry-ish allure.

Certified by the American Gemological Laboratories, this Spinel is an unadulterated marvel of nature, with no evidence of treatments or enhancements to its captivating hue. Its rich and vivid hues are entirely natural, the result of nature's masterful artistry that creates a spectacle of color that defies imagination.

Crafted with precision and care, the perfectly symmetrical Step Cut showcases the gemstone's immaculate clarity and natural brilliance. A fiery and vibrant dance of hues captures the eye, with a unique blend of red, brown, and orange tones creating a visual feast that leaves one spellbound.

Whether worn as a stunning piece of jewelry or added to a gemstone collection, this 3.56 carat Step Cut No Heat Burma Spinel is a true masterpiece of nature. Its unparalleled beauty and exceptional craftsmanship make it a rare and precious gemstone that will leave you enamored and captivated for a lifetime.

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