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Burmese No-Heat 3.2-Carat Purplish-Red Oval Ruby

SKU: 1923
Sale price$95,000.00

Introducing an extraordinary ruby of Burmese origin that commands attention and admiration: a 3.2-carat oval gem that exudes the intoxicating hues of purplish-red. With an untamed yet refined color, this rare no-heat ruby is an epitome of natural splendor.

The clarity of this remarkable gemstone is exceptionally clean, revealing a transparent playground for light to dance across the facets, highlighting its brilliant crystal quality. Each glance reveals deep, rich undertones and layers of color that only a ruby of this caliber could offer.

Treated only by the hands of time, this no-heat ruby speaks volumes about the purity and integrity of its origins. As it hails from Burma, a region renowned for yielding the most illustrious rubies, this gemstone effortlessly stands out as a treasure in any esteemed collection or as a centerpiece in a bespoke piece of jewelry.

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