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Captivating 5.06 CT Cushion Cut Diamond with Warm White Hue

SKU: 1875
Sale price$47,500.00

We present to you a striking 5.06 carat cushion cut diamond, encapsulating the essence of timeless beauty. It emits a warm white hue, reminiscent of the serene glow of early morning sunlight, providing a charm that is sure to captivate.

This diamond, expertly cut in the much-adored cushion shape, combines the allure of vintage aesthetics with contemporary sophistication. Its flat proportions further enhance its allure, leading to a breathtaking display of brilliance.

Clean in appearance and graded as SI1 for clarity, the diamond showcases an immaculate sparkle that contributes to its irresistible beauty. Measuring 14.44 x 9.83 x 4.34 mm, this gemstone offers a significant presence and undeniable luxury.

The diamond comes with a certificate from GIA, the world's leading gemological institute. Its certificate number, 1469042127, testifies to its authenticity and superior quality.

Inspired by the elegant designs of antique jewelry, this 5.06 carat diamond promises to be a standout piece in any setting. With its warm white hue, clean clarity, and brilliant sparkle, this cushion cut diamond is a truly remarkable gem that promises to be cherished and admired for generations to come.

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