Dazzling Sparkle Dance of the 7.34-CT Step Cut White Diamond

SKU: 1808


Indulge in the enchanting allure of this GIA certified 7.34-carat Step Cut White Diamond, measuring 12.83 x 10.94 x 6.34 mm. This gemstone's mesmerizing sparkle is a result of its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

The diamond's Color Grade is K, showcasing a warm, romantic glow that adds a touch of sophistication to its radiant sparkle. Its Clarity Grade is VS2, indicating that it is virtually flawless to the naked eye, with only minor inclusions that are visible only under magnification.

This exquisite diamond boasts excellent symmetry and no fluorescence, highlighting the precision and skill of its cutters in crafting this magnificent gemstone. Its step cut shape emphasizes the diamond's unique beauty, creating a captivating play of light and shadow that captures the eye and ignites the heart.

As a GIA certified diamond, this gemstone comes with a promise of exceptional quality and authenticity, ensuring that it is a true treasure of nature that will last for generations to come. Its enduring beauty and exquisite craftsmanship make it a perfect symbol of love and commitment, a timeless reminder of the eternal bond between two hearts.

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