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Deco-Inspired Platinum Ring with 2.00-Carat Blue Diamond and Burma Rubies

SKU: 1524
Sale price$140,000.00

Discover a captivating centerpiece for your jewelry collection with this Deco-inspired platinum ring, featuring a stunning 2.00-carat Cushion colored Diamond. Certified by the esteemed GIA, this diamond captivates with an enchanting Fancy Light Blue natural hue, beautifully distributed throughout the stone.

Measuring an impressive 7.13 x 6.94 x 4.56 mm, this diamond's size ensures it will draw attention and admiration. Its clarity is graded I1, and despite its unique color, the diamond retains a remarkable clarity that enhances its allure.

The diamond's unique blue color is the result of boron impurities, incorporated into the diamond's crystal lattice under the high pressure and temperature conditions of the Earth's mantle. This rare occurrence bestows a distinctive blue hue upon these exceptional gems.

Setting this diamond apart is its stunning bezel setting in a platinum ring, size 6.25. The ring is further adorned with Burma no heat rubies, weighing approximately 1 carat in total, which encircle the diamond, adding contrast and enhancing the ring's overall beauty.

Perfect for those seeking a truly distinctive piece of jewelry, this ring will make an unforgettable statement. Whether as an engagement ring or a unique addition to your collection, this Cushion colored Diamond ring, with its rare blue hue and ruby accents, embodies both rarity and elegance.

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