Discover the Rare Beauty of this 10.99 Carat Sugarloaf No Heat Burma Sapphire


This 10.99 carat Sugarloaf Burma Sapphire is a remarkable gemstone that exudes luxury and sophistication. Its deep blue color is captivating and mesmerizing, and it measures an impressive 12.61 x 11.89 x 8.29 mm, making it a substantial size for a sapphire.

What sets this gemstone apart is its lack of gemological evidence of heat and clarity enhancements, making it a highly desirable piece for collectors. The absence of heat treatment means that the sapphire's color is entirely natural and has not been artificially enhanced, providing a true representation of the stone's beauty.

Moreover, the cushion cut of the gemstone, coupled with the Pyramidal Cabochon cutting style, highlights the Sapphire's color and gives it a unique texture and appearance. The certification from the American Gemological Laboratories further ensures the quality and authenticity of this remarkable gemstone.

Overall, the 10.99 carat Sugarloaf no heat Burma Sapphire is a rare and exceptional piece, possessing remarkable color and clarity. Its natural beauty, coupled with its size, cutting style, and certification, make it a highly sought-after gemstone for collectors and connoisseurs alike.

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