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Elegant 4.36-Carat Elongated Cushion Diamond

SKU: 1936
Sale price$88,000.00

Discover a symphony of light and exceptional brilliance with our 4.36-carat elongated cushion Diamond, a beacon of sophisticated luxury and timeless elegance. This impeccable gem, accompanied by GIA certification 1236047753, stands as a testament to its authenticity and high-caliber grade. With dimensions measuring 13.31 x 11.80 x 2.77 mm, it presents a captivating visual presence that's both substantial and refined.

Radiating a soft, sunny white hue with a GIA certified I Color Grade, this diamond harmoniously balances brightness with depth. Its VVS2 Clarity Grade ensures a near-perfect absence of inclusions, amplifying its scintillation and allowing its inner fire to shine brilliantly without hindrance.

The elongated cushion shape elegantly frames its form, providing a modern yet timelessly romantic silhouette that interacts beautifully with light. Its brilliant crystal quality further intensifies its luminance, ensuring a striking display of fire and sparkle.

Perfectly proportioned, this diamond serves as not only a magnificent centerpiece for bespoke jewelry but also as a tangible testament to the beauty inherent in nature and the unparalleled craftsmanship of our artisans. Whether destined to become an engagement ring of dreams or a cherished heirloom, this 4.36-carat diamond encapsulates purity, luxury, and infinite brilliance

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