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Elegant 4.36-Carat Sunny White Elongated Cushion Diamond

SKU: 1940
Sale price$40,000.00

Discover a symphony of light and unparalleled brilliance with our 4.36-carat elongated cushion Diamond, a symbol of sophisticated luxury and timeless elegance. GIA certified (2235101346) with an L Color Grade and VVS2 Clarity, this diamond radiates with a sunny white hue, blending classic allure with contemporary charm. The charm of celestial light seems to have found its abode in this diamond, given its captivating glow and immaculate clarity.

The diamond boasts an elongated cushion shape, offering a blend of the modern and the romantically timeless. This silhouette, combined with its brilliant crystal quality, creates a luminous display of fire and sparkle. The diamond's natural clarity further elevates its status, speaking of its exquisite beauty and the meticulous craftsmanship that brought it to life.

Whether imagined as the centerpiece of an engagement ring or a treasured heirloom, this 4.36-carat diamond, with its elongated form and sunny white brilliance, stands as a testament to luxury, purity, and unmatched beauty. The diamond is not just a piece of gemology; it's a celebration of nature's grandeur and the lapidary's art.

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