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Elegant 9.52-Carat Ceylon Sapphire Gold Ring

SKU: 1446
Sale price$23,000.00

Embracing the epitome of skilled craftsmanship and natural wonder, this 9.52-carat Step Cut, no heat Ceylon Sapphire now finds its home in a meticulously designed ring, exemplifying timeless elegance and profound beauty. Encased in a delicately fashioned 20K gold open bezel setting, the sapphire, with its mesmerizing light Prussian blue hue, becomes an even more remarkable piece of jewelry, a synthesis of the ethereal and the artisan.

As the sapphire graces the finger, set in a ring size 6.5—with the possibility of adjustment to ensure a bespoke fit—it continues to tell a story of nature's splendor, captured and celebrated through centuries of adoration and high regard in various cultures. The sapphire’s step cut, known for its long, narrow facets that cascade light in a mirror-like play, impeccably showcases its clear, rich color and unparalleled clarity. This technique, both ancient and revered, is a testament to the lapidary's acumen, skillfully bringing forth the gem’s radiant, inherent beauty.

Not only a representation of the extraordinary allure found in our earth’s geology but also symbolizing attributes of love, devotion, and eternal romance, this Ceylon sapphire ring, with its classic style and enduring charm, offers more than mere aesthetic pleasure. It becomes a tangible connection to the tales and traditions of the past, and through its wear, a continuation of history, interweaving the tales of epochs gone by with those yet to unfold.

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