Enchant Your Senses with this Lush 22.36-CT Cushion Minor Oil Colombian Emerald


Imagine yourself transported to the verdant hills of Colombia, where the lush landscape is home to one of the world's most precious gems. Nestled deep within the earth, waiting to be unearthed, is a 22.36 carat Cushion Cut Colombian Emerald of rare and exquisite beauty.

This stunning gemstone boasts a medium bold green color, radiating with a natural and captivating brilliance that draws the eye and stirs the soul. With its Minor Oil treatment, this emerald displays a breathtaking clarity that allows the light to dance and shimmer across its surface.

Crafted by nature over millions of years, this emerald is a true wonder of the world. It is a symbol of hope, prosperity, and vitality, and a reminder of the awe-inspiring power of the natural world.

Experience the majesty of this 22.36 carat Cushion Cut Colombian Emerald for yourself and add a touch of timeless elegance to your collection.

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