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Enchanting Beauty: A Romantic Ode to the Color-Changing Cats Eye 3.97-CT Alexandrite

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Sale price$7,500.00

As I gaze upon this captivating 3.97 carat Cats Eye cabochon Alexandrite, my heart races with excitement. Its natural Chrysoberyl composition boasts a remarkable strength, evident in the stone's mesmerizing feline-like appearance.

This gemstone is not only a rare beauty but also a piece of history. The Cats Eye Alexandrite's existence can be traced back to the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 1830s. Its discovery was a significant breakthrough in the gemstone industry, and it quickly became a highly coveted treasure.

Certified by AGL, this particular Cats Eye Alexandrite measures 9.30 - 9.18 x 4.79 mm, and it has been untouched by any clarity enhancements. But what sets this gemstone apart from others is the enchanting color changes it displays under different lighting conditions.

Under the warm glow of incandescent light, the stone transforms into a sultry olive green hue, reminiscent of the lush forests of a romantic getaway. In contrast, when viewed under the soft glow of daylight, the stone exudes a refreshing mint green color, akin to a serene oasis on a warm summer's day.

This Cats Eye Alexandrite is a stunning embodiment of love and passion, representing the joys of life and the beauty of nature. It is a timeless treasure that will captivate the hearts of those who admire its brilliance and allure.

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