Enchanting Black Opal with Green and Blue Hues - A Mesmerizing 13.32 Carat Gemstone


Introducing this magnificent black oval opal weighing 13.32 carats and displaying stunning hues of green and blue. This opal exhibits an enchanting iridescence that captures the eye and creates a captivating play-of-color. The black background of the opal provides a perfect contrast to the dominant green and blue hues that shine brilliantly when viewed from different angles.

The opal's iridescence is truly mesmerizing, with its colors appearing to come alive and dance as the gemstone is rotated or viewed from different perspectives. This captivating play-of-color is a result of the light diffracting through the opal's microstructure.

In addition, the opal's iridescence displays a stunning opalescence effect, creating a three-dimensional illusion that makes the colors seem to float above the stone's surface.

Overall, this 13.32 carat black oval opal with its alluring iridescence and enchanting play-of-color is a unique gemstone that will capture anyone's attention and make a perfect addition to any collection.

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