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Exquisite 2.11 Peruzzi-Cut Diamond - Vintage Brilliance

SKU: 1945
Sale price$16,500.00

Discover the enchantment of a bygone era with our exquisite 2.11ct Peruzzi-cut diamond, a gem from the 1800s that radiates timeless sophistication. This historic diamond, now GIA-certified, captivates with an I color grade and SI2 clarity, presenting a brilliant dance of light in each hand-cut facet.

The Peruzzi cut, a forerunner to today's brilliant cuts, brilliantly captures the essence of 19th-century craftsmanship. Each facet is cut with meticulous care, enhancing the diamond's innate brilliance and creating a scintillating display of light. The diamond's measurements of 7.17 x 7.13 x 4.98 mm underscore its substantial presence, making it not just a gemstone but a tangible piece of history.

This diamond is more than just a testament to skilled artisanship; it is a standalone jewel that tells a story of elegance and refinement from a time when jewelry-making was an art. Its unique shape and the detailed precision of its facets speak volumes about the era's dedication to beauty and quality.

Incorporating this 2.11ct Peruzzi-cut diamond into your collection means owning a fragment of the past, imbued with the majesty and allure of vintage luxury. Its GIA certification assures its quality, making it an exceptional choice for those who value both the charm of antiquity and the assurance of modern gemological standards.

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