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Exquisite 7.08ct Spinel & Emerald Gold Ring

SKU: 1678
Sale price$29,000.00

Encapsulating the allure of sunsets, this 7.08-carat deep orange-pink spinel is exquisitely set in a secure collet setting within a handcrafted 20K yellow gold ring. This setting style not only ensures the spinel's safety but also magnificently showcases its vibrant hue. The design is further accentuated by a pair of pear-cut emeralds weighing a combined 1.52ct.

The spinel's antique and flat square step cut magnifies its sunset hues, allowing it to cast mesmerizing reflections of light. While the spinel itself is breathtakingly beautiful, the ring's design emphasizes its clarity and rare color. Minimal inclusions within the spinel only enhance its charm, setting it apart as a standout gem.

Historically, spinels have been coveted in royal jewelry, with notable examples like the 170-carat Black Prince's Ruby, a misnamed spinel, gracing the British Crown Jewels. This particular spinel ring, with its distinctive cut and enchanting color, is paired beautifully with emeralds that provide a verdant contrast to its warm hues. Set at a size 6.5, the ring can be adjusted for the perfect fit, ensuring its wearer not only a piece of history but also a personalized embodiment of luxury.

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