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Exquisite Georgian Era Ring with a Glowing 3.12 CT No Heat Burmese Ruby and Lustrous Table-Cut Diamonds

SKU: 1761
Sale price$95,000.00

Presenting a stunning Georgian-era (1714-1837) ring, sized at 4.25 and adjustable for the perfect fit. The centerpiece of this magnificent piece is a 3.12-carat ruby, originating from Burma, a renowned source for the stone. Nestled in a double-layer surround of twinkling table-cut diamonds set in silver over gold, the ruby radiates a coveted purplish-red hue, all the more extraordinary as it is unenhanced by heat treatment.

The table-cut diamonds, fashioned from a natural diamond crystal in its unique octahedral shape, add an antique charm to the ring. This design conjures images of a traditional Valentine heart elegantly outlined in white lace. It makes for a perfect testament to eternal love, a gift sure to captivate the heart of your beloved.

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