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Exquisite Loose Step Cut Diamonds: 7.03 CT & 7.70 CT - A Designer's Dream

SKU: 1808 and 1858
Sale price$210,000.00

Delve into the stunning beauty of these extraordinary loose Step Cut diamonds, each a remarkable masterpiece of nature's artistry. Comprising of two exquisite stones, these diamonds present an alluring dance of light, with carat weights of 7.03 and 7.70 respectively.

These diamonds emanate a radiant, clean white hue, symbolic of the purest form of light. Boasting spread proportions and step cut shapes, these gems are brilliantly crafted, reflecting their resplendent allure in every facet. The 7.03-carat diamond measures 12.83 x 10.91 x 6.04 mm, whilst the 7.70-carat diamond spans 12.88 x 11.08 x 6.48 mm, both showcasing an impressive display of size and radiance.

Certified by GIA, the color and clarity grades of these diamonds further underscore their exceptional quality. The 7.03-carat diamond, graded as K in color and SI1 in clarity, mirrors a world of enchanting light, while the 7.70-carat diamond, with an N color grade and VS1 clarity, offers a captivating spectacle of pure brilliance.

Featuring large culet and table, these loose diamonds present an incredible opportunity for designers to mold and craft into a spectacular piece of jewelry. In short, these diamonds are not just stones, but the embodiment of raw, natural beauty waiting to be transformed into a designer's vision.

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