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Exquisite Set of Six Fuchsia Sapphires, Totaling 11.65 Carats: Embodying Radiance and Elegance

SKU: 1896
Sale price$24,000.00

Indulge in the vibrant allure of these loose Sapphires, a collection of six gems that captivate with their vivid fuchsia color. Each sapphire, with carat weights ranging from 1.49 ct to 2.45 ct, shimmers with an enchanting purplish-pink hue, a symbol of passion and elegance.

These gems exhibit a cleanish clarity and a silky crystal quality that truly emphasize their radiant beauty. The sapphires glisten with an enchanting light, making them a desirable addition to any fine gemstone collection or to be set into a piece of elegant jewelry.

Each of these sapphires tells its own story, with individual nuances in color, size, and brilliance that make them truly unique. The sapphires in this parcel may be purchased together or separately, allowing the potential owner the flexibility to choose one or multiple gems according to their preference.

In essence, these loose Sapphires offer a captivating display of nature's artistry, their vibrant fuchsia color encapsulating the vivacity and passion that these extraordinary gemstones represent.

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