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Fura's Tears: Colombian Minor Oil Emerald 18K Gold Earrings of Legend and Beauty in Collet Setting

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Sale price$155,000.00

An ancient legend describes the creation of Colombian emeralds as the tears shed by a woman, Fura, who did not remain faithful to her husband, Tena, and therefore defied the Muisca god Are’s request and lost her right to eternal life.

Gazing at the teardrop-shaped Colombian emeralds in these 18K collet setting earrings, one can imagine that they are from Fura herself. The vibrant green color and lovely luminosity are indicative of the finest emeralds from the region, perhaps from the Muzo mine, which is said to produce the most outstanding Colombian emeralds with a darker tone of pure green.

What’s also special about these Colombian emeralds is that their clarity has been only minorly enhanced with oil treatment—a common and acceptable practice to reduce the visibility of fissures in these types of gems—making them even more rare and valuable.

Totaling 12.82 carats, the Colombian emeralds are set in clawed collets that mirror the curves of the gems and pair together to create a swaying movement for the wearer. Meanwhile, the blackened metal and unique inclusions of the gems create a striking juxtaposition of earthy, organic elements.

All told, these Colombian emerald 18K gold earrings are a timeless treasure for the emerald lover who appreciates not only the quality of these special stones, but the history and lore that make them magical and mysterious.

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