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Georgian Cobblestone 6-CT Old Mine Diamond Ring in 18k Yellow Gold and Silver

SKU: 2049
Sale price$18,000.00

Unveil the grandeur of Georgian jewelry with this handcrafted ring, a testament to the timeless allure of diamonds. Adorned with approximately 6 carats of white old mine cut diamonds, this piece presents a dazzling cobblestone effect that captures the brilliance of an era renowned for its elegant craftsmanship.

Set in a classic combination of 18k yellow gold and silver—a style signature of the period—the diamonds offer a scintillating display of clean, brilliant sparkle. Each gemstone has been meticulously placed, creating a harmonious blend of light and texture that is truly mesmerizing.

The ring's size 8 band, which can be custom-fitted to your preference, is as much a part of its charm as the diamonds themselves. The careful workmanship that went into creating this piece ensures that its beauty has been preserved over centuries, promising to be a treasured addition to any collection.

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