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Handcrafted 4.46ct Colombian Emerald Pear Pendant in 18K Gold

SKU: 2000
Sale price$45,000.00

This exquisite pendant, handcrafted with a nod to Victorian artistry, showcases a majestic 4.46-carat Colombian emerald, boasting a pear shape that captures the essence of elegance. The gem's vivid green color is as deep and enchanting as the Colombian forests from which it was unearthed, enhanced by a minor oil treatment that accentuates its natural vibrancy.

The emerald's clarity, considered cleanish, adds a genuine character to the stone, with internal features that catch the light, creating a dance between visibility and brilliance. The pendant's open collet setting, fashioned from lustrous 18K gold, is thoughtfully designed to allow light to touch every facet of the emerald, encouraging it to cast an ethereal glow.

Precise measurements of 14.38 x 11.26 x 4.47 mm are affirmed by AGL certification, ensuring that this pendant is not only visually stunning but also authenticated by one of the world's leading gemological labs. This pendant is a testament to timeless beauty, offering an heirloom quality that is sure to be treasured for generations to come.

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