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Handcrafted Ceylon 9 CT Sapphire Bead Ring in 18K Gold

SKU: 1870
Sale price$5,800.00

Experience the magic of timeless elegance with this singular sky-blue sapphire bead. Originating from the renowned gemstone mines of Ceylon, this loose gemstone captivates the senses with its brilliant hue and quality.

The sapphire, weighing approximately 9 carats, possesses a cleanish clarity visible to the naked eye. Its radiant sky-blue color mirrors the serenity of a cloudless day, stirring a sense of tranquility and peace in its beholder. One cannot help but admire the gemstone's natural and untouched beauty, as it has not undergone any treatments – a testament to its authenticity and purity.

Inspired by the wisdom of the ancients, this sapphire bead showcases a brilliant crystal quality. Its unique bead shape, cut with expert precision, enhances its intrinsic brilliance and further magnifies the allure of its mesmerizing sky-blue color.

Now, allow yourself to visualize this sapphire bead transformed into an enchanting ring. The handmade 18K gold setting echoes its ancient inspiration with a unique suspended style, where the sapphire bead appears to float in its embrace. A meticulously wrapped gold wire near the sapphire bead adds an artisanal touch to the band, highlighting the handcrafted nature of the piece.

The resulting ring, currently a size 7, can be expertly adjusted to accommodate another size if required, ensuring a perfect fit for its wearer. This piece is not merely a ring. It is an expression of an artistic vision, a tribute to ancient wisdom, and a celebration of the alluring beauty of natural gemstones. This sky-blue sapphire bead ring, with its striking color, exceptional clarity, and unique design, is truly a treasure that will transcend the test of time.

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