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Handmade 18K Gold Cigar Band Ring with a 2.14 CT Oval Portrait Cut Pink Burma Sapphire

SKU: 1623
Sale price$19,500.00

An embodiment of exceptional craftsmanship and nature's beauty, this ring features a stunning 2.14 carat oval portrait cut pink Burma sapphire at its heart. The natural sapphire, with no evidence of heat treatment, captivates with a striking pink hue that endures time, and is sure to turn heads. It measures an impressive 15.30 x 11.49 x 0.96 mm, the perfect size to take center stage in this remarkable piece of jewelry.

What sets this gemstone apart is its alluring pink sapphire, sourced from the mines of Burma. This natural sapphire has been tested for color stability, ensuring its vibrant, breathtaking hue will remain as dazzling as the day it was first discovered. Such a quality is rare in gemstones, many of which are treated artificially to enhance their color.

Rest assured of the gem's quality and authenticity, as it comes certified by the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), one of the world's most reputable gemstone laboratories. This certification reinforces its worth as an investment piece, destined to appreciate over time.

This extraordinary ring is crafted in 18K gold with a cigar band design, renowned for its broad, comfortable fit. Enhancing its unique aesthetics is the exquisite hand enameled shank, an artistry that adds a layer of sophistication and charm. The oval portrait cut of the sapphire enhances its brilliance and natural color, making it a centerpiece that truly shines.

Whether as a standout addition to a personal collection or a distinctive gift, this handmade 18K gold enamel ring with its no heat pink Burma sapphire is an epitome of elegance and rarity. Its uniqueness in size, color, and cut, and its AGL certification guarantee its authenticity and enduring value. This beautiful work of art and nature is poised to captivate and inspire, now and for generations to come.

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