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Jogani's Victorian-Inspired Diamond Set: Necklace & Ring

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Introducing a resplendent twin set by Jogani, this necklace, hand-made with meticulous attention to detail, is paired seamlessly with its matching ring. Both pieces, set in rich 18K yellow gold, embody age-old Victorian elegance married to contemporary artistry, serving as symbols of timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

At the heart of this ensemble is an exquisite series of diamonds in the necklace and a centerpiece diamond in the ring, cumulatively weighing in at 14.75 carats. Every diamond, whether in the necklace or the ring, resonates with a brilliant crystal quality, casting a mesmerizing play of light. Their pristine white hue, paired with their flawless clarity, epitomizes luxury and purity.

The matching ring, also hand-crafted, features an open collet setting that gracefully showcases a 2.01-carat diamond, certified by GIA with a color grade L and a clarity grade VS1. The ring size is a versatile 6.25, adjustable upon necessity, ensuring both comfort and elegance.

The open collet setting, reminiscent of cherished Victorian jewelry, tenderly cradles each diamond in both pieces. This design choice not only enhances their innate brilliance but also accentuates their unique shape and proportions.

Designed with passion by the celebrated Jogani, this necklace and ring set transcends mere adornment; they stand as pieces of art, blending history with modernity, and are destined to become heirlooms for future generations.

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