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Kashmir Carré Cut: 3.05-Carat Sky Blue Sapphire Collection

SKU: 1892 and 1893
Sale price$8,500.00

Introducing an exquisite set of Carré-cut Sapphires, hailing from the renowned Kashmir region, collectively weighing an impressive 3.05 carats. These gems are a window to a tranquil sky blue world, their color evoking a calm and dreamy atmosphere.

While the stones possess a silky crystal quality that adds a layer of mystique to their beauty, their clarity is best described as 'cleanish', allowing for a nearly unobstructed view of their striking color.

These rare, no-treatment sapphires offer the unique Carré cut, an angular, four-sided design that provides a modern yet timeless look. The Kashmir origin of these sapphires assures you of their exceptional quality and rarity, as gems from this region are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Whether set into a piece of custom jewelry or added to an existing collection, these sapphires stand as a testament to the extraordinary processes of nature and the meticulous skills of gemstone cutting.

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