Kashmir Sapphire Cushion Cut, 2.41 ct

SKU: 50266

It’s been said that during the Middle Ages, clergy wore blue sapphires to symbolize heaven, while ordinary folks believed the precious stone attracted blessings from above. That certainly is the case with this fine specimen, a heavenly natural blue sapphire from Kashmir weighing 2.41 carats and crafted into a cushion shape. This Kashmir sapphire is set into a classic Victorian cluster ring featuring an 18-karat gold split shank. Eight beautiful Old European­–cut diamonds set in platinum prongs form a halo setting around the Kashmir sapphire for a look that’s absolutely divine.

Discovered in the Himalaya Mountains of northwest India in 1881, the legendary Kashmir sapphires, with their extraordinary vivid blue color—often called “cornflower blue”—and velvety luster, are the most beautiful and treasured of all blue sapphires. Kashmir sapphires have a highly saturated and uniform color, along with a characteristic “silkiness” or glow, that make them a phenomenon of nature. With the original mines long depleted, Kashmir sapphires are a rare find and among the most prized of all gemstones today.

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