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Lavender Dream: The One-of-a-Kind 3.68 ct Ceylon Sapphire

SKU: 1626
Sale price$9,500.00

Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind gemstone that is sure to leave you speechless. Meet the striking 3.68 ct Square Cushion No Heat Ceylon Sapphire - a truly remarkable piece that infuses modern elements into a timeless sapphire design.

This stunning gemstone hails from Ceylon and is completely untreated, retaining its natural beauty and making it an exceptional find. Its lovely lavender color is delicate and soft, with a dreamy quality that will capture the heart of any gemstone enthusiast. The color is consistent throughout the stone, creating a flawless and uniform appearance.

Weighing in at 3.68 carats, this sapphire is a substantial size and an excellent choice for creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Its brilliant cut enhances its natural sparkle and radiance, creating a mesmerizing glow that will leave you spellbound. The sapphire's exceptional clarity allows for a brilliant luster that adds an extra touch of luxury and rarity.

The Square Cushion No Heat Ceylon Sapphire is a rare and precious gemstone that is sure to make a statement in any collection. Its stunning lavender color and timeless design are truly unparalleled, making it a unique piece that will be cherished for generations. Get ready to fall in love with this captivating sapphire and experience its beauty firsthand!

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