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Majestic 2.15 ct Ceylon Sapphire - A Royal Blue Gemstone

SKU: 1958
Sale price$13,000.00

Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of our recut 2.15-carat Ceylon Sapphire, a gemstone that radiates a royal blue hue, evoking the deep, mysterious beauty of the ocean. This sapphire, originating from the renowned gem fields of Ceylon, is a remarkable showcase of nature's prowess in creating spectacular wonders.

Skillfully transformed into an elongated step-cut shape, this sapphire blends classical elegance with a fresh, modern appeal. Its 'cleanish' clarity ensures a satiny interplay of light, casting a radiant glow that enhances its majestic blue tone in various lighting conditions.

Proudly holding an AGL certificate, this sapphire is confirmed to have no heat treatment, elevating its prestige in the realm of natural gemstones. The lack of heat or clarity enhancements not only affirms its authenticity but also its rarity, making it an extraordinary find for collectors and jewelry aficionados alike.

Now recut to unveil its true splendor, this 2.15-carat Ceylon sapphire is not just a gemstone; it is a symbol of nature's endless beauty and the skill of masterful gem cutting. It's ready to be the heart of a bespoke jewelry creation, promising to enchant with its timeless elegance and regal hue.

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