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Man's Best Friend: Emerald Carving Gold Ring

SKU: 1706
Sale price$20,000.00

As the relationship between humans and canines evolved over the centuries, depictions of dogs in art became very popular and increasingly more elaborate, with dogs often portrayed in illustrations, jewelry, paintings, statues, etc., to symbolize such things as guidance, loyalty, protection and love. 

Here is one such fine example: An antique 18-karat yellow gold ring showcasing an emerald endearingly carved with the profile of a dog. Perhaps it’s a prized Labrador Retriever with its wide head and kind, glimmering eyes, or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with its sweet face and long, silky ears.

Although we’re not quite sure of the breed, overall, it’s certainly a loving tribute to “man’s best friend” and an excellent adornment for the dog lover.

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