Mesmerizing Masterpiece: 5.24 CT Square Cushion Sri Lankan Sapphire Ring Wrapped in Warm Yellow Gold

SKU: 1625


This Jogani ring is a unique piece of jewelry that showcases a stunning 5.24-carat cushion-shaped sapphire at its center. This exceptional gemstone hails from Sri Lanka, known for producing some of the finest sapphires in the world.

What makes this particular sapphire so special is its breathtaking color. Its diaphanous blue hue is reminiscent of the ocean on a clear day, but with a unique periwinkle undertone that adds depth and complexity. The stone is further enhanced by a silvery light that seems to emanate from within, giving it an ethereal quality that is truly mesmerizing.

The Jogani ring is crafted from warm yellow gold, which complements the sapphire's blue tones and adds an additional layer of richness to the piece. The gold wraps around the gemstone, creating a secure and stylish setting that showcases the stone's natural beauty. When light hits the sapphire, it sparkles and shimmers, reflecting the warm tones of the gold and creating a mesmerizing effect that is both timeless and sophisticated.

In summary, this Jogani ring is a true work of art that combines the finest craftsmanship with one of the most beautiful sapphires in the world. It is a piece of jewelry that will capture the hearts and imaginations of anyone who sets eyes on it, and will be treasured for generations.

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