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Mesmerizing Masterpiece: 5.24 CT Square Cushion Sri Lankan Sapphire Ring Wrapped in Warm Yellow Gold

SKU: 1625
Sale price$13,000.00

This Jogani ring is an artistic masterpiece, boasting a captivating 5.24-carat cushion-shaped sapphire nestled in its heart. Sourced from Sri Lanka, renowned for its superior sapphires, this gem exudes a breathtaking diaphanous blue hue. It reminds one of a serene ocean on a clear day, enriched with unique periwinkle undertones that add an intriguing depth and complexity.

A silvery light seems to radiate from within the stone, lending it an ethereal, mesmerizing quality that's simply irresistible. This striking centerpiece is set in warm yellow gold, the richness of which beautifully accentuates the sapphire's vibrant blue. The intricate gold setting securely cradles the gemstone, revealing its natural beauty in every sparkle and shimmer that dances across its facets.

Reflecting the light, the sapphire interacts with the warm tones of the gold to create an enthralling spectacle of sophistication and timeless elegance. This Jogani ring, a size 6.75, showcases remarkable craftsmanship and one of the world's most exquisite sapphires. But don't worry if this size isn't your perfect fit, the ring can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. A piece destined to capture hearts, it's a treasure that will be cherished for generations to come.

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