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Mogok Masterpiece: 4.10-CT Cherry Red No-Heat Ruby from Burma

SKU: 1922
Sale price$165,000.00

Introducing a breathtaking 4.1-carat ruby from the esteemed Mogok region of Burma, a gemstone that mesmerizes with its luxurious cherry-red hue. This ruby is not just a gemstone; it is a vivid tableau of color, luminescence, and scintillation.

Mined from the renowned gemfields of Mogok, this no-heat ruby is a gemological triumph. It possesses an elongated cushion shape, elegantly melding traditional aesthetics with contemporary appeal.

The gemstone's natural clarity is impeccable, offering a crystal-clean window that allows light to flow seamlessly through its satiny structure, casting an almost mystical glow. This harmonious blend of features culminates in a depth and vivacity that are truly captivating.

In every aspect—be it size, the richness of its cherry-red color, its flawless clarity, or its no-heat treatment status—this ruby is a rarity, a gemstone that captures the mystique and allure of its fabled Mogok origin.

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