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Mozambique 5.01-Carat No-Heat Ruby: Deep Raspberry Radiance

SKU: 1924
Sale price$95,000.00

Introducing a mesmerizing gemstone of unparalleled allure: a 5.01-carat no-heat Ruby from the revered terrains of Mozambique. Exquisite in its cushion cut, this ruby radiates a captivating spectrum of deep to light raspberry hues, reminiscent of a summer's twilight cascading over a bountiful orchard.

This ruby, untouched by any heat treatments, showcases the purest and most authentic expression of nature's artistry. Its intrinsic color profile, alternating between profound deep raspberry to delicate light tinges, is an embodiment of its rare origin and the intricate geological processes that birthed it.

Mozambique, renowned for its deposits of premium rubies, has graced us with this particular gem, echoing tales of the Earth's wonders from eons ago. The cushion cut not only enhances the stone's intrinsic beauty but also perfectly captures the light, enabling the ruby to shimmer with a vibrant, fiery glow.

Whether intended to be the centerpiece of a luxurious jewelry item or kept as a prized possession in a collection, this 5.01-carat Mozambique ruby stands as a testament to nature's grandeur and the everlasting allure of one of the world's most sought-after gemstones.

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