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Mughal Era Carved 92.16 CT Drop Emerald Bead

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This exquisite Carved Drop Emerald Bead is a true masterpiece of the Mughal era of the Indian Empire. Weighing an impressive 92.16 carats, this gemstone is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry of the time.

What sets this emerald apart from other gemstones is its deep vertical grooves, which have been expertly carved into the stone. The grooves give the bead an almost ribbed appearance, adding depth and texture to the already vibrant green color. The emerald is designed to hang from the neck, providing a stunning focal point to any outfit.

One can only imagine the journey this Colombian emerald took to make its way to India during the Mughal era. The rich history of trade and commerce in the region meant that precious gems and stones from around the world would have been sought after and prized possessions. It's likely that this emerald was acquired through trade with Spanish colonizers who had access to the rich Colombian emerald mines.

In the Mughal era, emeralds were particularly significant as they were believed to possess mystical and healing properties. They were also favored by royalty and aristocracy, and were often incorporated into ornate jewelry designs. This Carved Drop Emerald Bead is a stunning example of the importance placed on emeralds during this time.

The fact that this emerald has survived the centuries in such pristine condition is a testament to the quality of the stone and the expert craftsmanship that went into its creation. This gemstone is truly a rare and precious piece, a reminder of the rich cultural history of the Indian subcontinent and the enduring allure of emeralds.

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