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Mughal Jewelry: Burma No Heat Ruby Gold Bracelet with Early Victorian-Style Clasp

SKU: 1815
Sale price$22,000.00

This no heat Burma Ruby Gold Bracelet is an extraordinary and sophisticated piece of jewelry that exudes elegance. Showcasing 27 ruby beads sourced from the esteemed jewelry of the Mughal Empire, which ruled India from 1526 to 1857, this bracelet is truly exceptional. The Mughal Empire highly valued gems for their rarity, unique physical properties, and provenance, which imparts a majestic allure to the rubies and sets this bracelet apart from others.

The origin of the ruby beads further enhances the bracelet's allure, as they were mined in Burma, now known as Myanmar, which is renowned for providing the world with the most exquisite rubies. Burmese rubies are celebrated for their clarity, silk inclusions that give them a soft glow, and their vibrant purplish-red body color combined with fiery red fluorescence.

The bracelet features 27 graduated beads strung in a single strand with spacers, an arrangement that is not only difficult to find in perfectly matched sizes but also allows the beads to shimmer in the light, reflecting the grandeur and sophistication of a bygone era. The rubies are certified by the Gemological Institute of America as transparent to semi-transparent, and the absence of any indications of heating further contributes to the bracelet's rarity and uniqueness, making it a precious and highly sought-after piece of jewelry.

The total carat weight of all the rubies is approximately 70 carats, which highlights the sheer luxury and decadence of the piece. The clasp is an exquisite early-Victorian-style clasp featuring a rectangular-shaped, step-cut ruby encircled by a sparkling array of diamonds that adds an extra layer of elegance and charm to the bracelet's overall design.

In summary, the No Heat Burma Ruby 18K Yellow Gold Bracelet is a true work of art, featuring Mughal-sourced Burmese ruby beads and a stunning early-Victorian-style clasp. The combination of these elements creates a timeless and classic piece of jewelry that will be treasured for generations to come.

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