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Octagonal 2.26 ct Square No Heat Burma Ruby

SKU: 1649
Sale price$58,000.00

Introducing a 2.26 ct square-shaped Burma Ruby, marked by its vibrant pinkish-red hue. This gemstone is noted for its clear quality, presenting minimal inclusions that are typical for rubies. Its distinct octagonal shape, with dimensions of 7.12 x 6.91 x 4.4 mm, adds to its appeal.

Uniquely, this ruby is not treated with heat, allowing its natural color to shine through. Its quality and beauty are apparent through its vivid coloration and clear appearance.

This ruby, with its natural charm and rare color, offers a great option for those looking to add a piece of timeless elegance to their collection or to feature in custom jewelry designs. Its natural state and striking color make it a valuable find for any gemstone enthusiast or designer.

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