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Platinum 4.01-Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

SKU: 1882
Sale price$42,000.00

Discover the captivating allure of this 4.01-carat Cushion Cut Diamond, now masterfully set in a ring that exemplifies elegance and sophistication. This diamond, with its radiant warmth, reflects nature's profound artistry, hewn from the depths of the earth.

The gem's pristine clarity and brilliant crystal quality converge, resulting in an enthralling dance of light that captivates the beholder. Encased in a sophisticated open-back bezel setting of platinum, this diamond's flat proportions and cushion silhouette are accentuated, amplifying its distinguished allure.

The diamond's considerable dimensions, 13.21 x 10.48 x 3.5 mm, combined with its inviting warmth, make it a monumental centerpiece. A symbol of enduring beauty and grandeur, this platinum ring featuring a 4.01-carat Cushion Cut Diamond is an exquisite addition to any jewelry ensemble, embodying nature's most cherished gift in its finest form.

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