Rare Natural Alexandrite: 1.96 Carat Pear Cut without any Clarity Enhancements


This 1.96 carat pear cut Alexandrite is a stunning gemstone with a unique and rare color-changing property. Certified by the American Gemological Laboratories, this gemstone is of natural chrysoberyl mineral type, no clarity enhancement, measuring 9.12 x 5.96 x 4.91 mm in size.

What makes Alexandrites truly unique is their ability to exhibit a dramatic shift in color under different lighting conditions. In natural daylight or fluorescent light, Alexandrite appears as a grayish bluish-green color, reminiscent of the hues of a tropical forest. However, when viewed under incandescent light, the gemstone transforms into a beautiful purplish-pink color, like that of a vibrant orchid.

This color-changing phenomenon, known as the "Alexandrite effect," is due to the presence of chromium in the gemstone. When exposed to different types of light, the chromium atoms absorb and reflect light in different ways, resulting in the gemstone's distinct color shift.

Overall, this 1.96 carat pear cut Alexandrite is a rare and valuable gemstone with a mesmerizing color-changing property. Its grayish bluish-green to purplish-pink color description, certified by the American Gemological Laboratories, makes it a highly sought-after addition to any gemstone collection or piece of jewelry.

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